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Questions About Kids Health During Pandemic

In March, when the pandemic was causing us to shut down, a great deal of parents reached out asking what they could do to boost their children’s immunity. At that time, I recommended Vitamin D, Zinc, a probiotic and avoid high starch and sugary foods. Those are still good recommendations, but we want to be more proactive. Taking care of our kids health and immunity starts from birth. Every little thing we do for our children adds or subtracts to their health.

Children have so much vitality and built-in healing abilities to help them survive infectious diseases. Our job as parents is to foster this innate healing ability by giving them what nature intended — whole natural food, plenty of fresh air, sunshine and sleep, time for play and imagination, sharing stories and feeling connected, supported and loved. Get outside and play with them, no matter the weather. All these things help keep our cortisol levels (stress hormones) low and support the gut, where 75-80% of our immunity resides. This allows our immune system to function at its best and we can rest a little easier perhaps.

Your Kids Will Grow Up to be Healthy

The best part of doing these things is that your kids will grow up and become healthy, happy people and more than likely do the same things for their kids, your grandchildren. You can sit back and bask in the glow of a job well done. Contact Dr. Dan